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the film criticism aspect of cyber | by maryann johanson

watch it: “The Whole Truth About Milk”

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  • the rook

    too bad mercola.com is a quack website…




    by themselves, these critiques don’t invalidate the statements made in the video. but i would like to see a better quality source or at least references to articles in real science journals.

  • MaryAnn

    We certainly have to be on the alert for quacks. However, when so much of what passes for science today is controlled by corporate interests, we have to watch out for cries of quackery, too. On the face of things, it seems to make sense that overdosing the animals that feed us with antibiotics and other drugs seems like a bad idea. And yet it’s not one that the mainstream media usually broaches, not in any sensible way.

  • “when so much of what passes for science today is controlled by corporate interests”

    An boring, unfounded assertion. Science is science. Internal combustion works. Penicillin cures strep throat.

    Boring and predictable.

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