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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

my week at the movies: ‘Baby Mama,’ ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ ‘Son of Rambow’

Slowish movie week for me, which is just fine: I’m saving up my energy for New York Comic Con this weekend, and then the Tribeca Film Festival starts next week, so I’m gonna be superbusy.

I can’t help but be wary of Baby Mama [opens wide April 25], which is about the infertile Tina Fey employing Amy Poehler as a surrogate mother. It’s not the suibject matter that puts me on alert but that fact that it’s a man who has written and directed this one. And not just any man, but Michael McCullers, a first-time director whose previous scripts don’t show any particularly insight into, you know, women: it’s a lot of Austin Powers and a little of stuff like Thunderbirds. Then again, not understanding women hasn’t stopped men writing about them for forever.

And then — oh goodie! — there’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall [opens wide April 18]. Because I just can’t get enough of postadolescent misogyny masquerading as juvenile idiocy.

Finally for this week, I will try, for the third time, to see the British coming-of-age movie-geek movie Son of Rambow [opens limited May 2]. Geez, for all the bad luck I’ve had in trying to get to this one, it had better be great.

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  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Wait ’til you see Russell Brand, who plays the new rock-star boyfriend in Sarah Marshall. He’s easily the least funny man in Britain, and speaking as a Brit I know that there’s a lot of competition there.

    Usually when British comedians go over to the States we all worry that they might forget their British fanbase. In Brand’s case, we hope he will.

  • Ryan

    Actually, I don’t know if it’s because I have a Veronica Mars hang over and thus love all things Kristin Belle or what…but ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ was the first movie I enjoyed from the ‘Knocked Up/Superbad’ crew (unless we are counting ’40 Year Old Virgin’…did they do that one?)

    There was occasional juvenile nonsense…but it was outweighed by quite a lot of funny material, and Kunis was great in it.

  • Ryan

    Oh, yeah, I guess I should confess I saw an early release version that they screened in my area…so yeah, the audience was very receptive, probably didn’t hurt my impression of the movie.

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