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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

screencap Friday: what the flick? #113

Friday fun! Here’s a screen capture from a DVD… and just to make things harder for 2010, this one is from a TV show which may or may not be in my collection (it’s sooo much easier to do screengrabs now that Netflix is streaming to my computer). Guess the TV show — you don’t need to guess the episode, just the show — and earn the respect of me and your fellow FlickFilosopher.com readers. One guess per comment — no fair hogging all the guesses.

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  • Dan

    Twin Peaks?

  • Dave

    Max Headroom?

  • Kenny

    Life on Mars?

  • Lenina

    Lost Highway?

  • Lenina

    Ah, crap–TV show. Sorry.

  • MaryAnn

    All no’s so far…

  • MaryAnn

    Oh, and *Max Headroom* is NOT on DVD… though it is coming soon. (I meant to post about that this week…)

  • Lisa

    no idea but she looks really familiar…

  • angel

    All in the Family?

  • Hdj

    Outer Limits?

  • MaryAnn

    No. Closest guess so far is *Life on Mars,* for a couple of reasons, but it’s still not really all that close.

  • Torchwood. Bloody Torchwood. (Hey, that sounds like an U2 song!)

  • Dave

    Doctor Who. The Idiot Lantern is the episode i think

  • Dave

    Doctor Who. The Idiot Lantern is the episode i think

  • Matthew

    The Prisoner?

  • MaryAnn

    No. *Doctor Who* is getting a little closer, because of an actor connection.

  • Diary of a Callgirl?

  • Matthew

    State of Play?

  • Ide Cyan

    It’s the screen-within-a-screen thing that’s stumping me, especially since the aspect ratio and B&W aspects. But! I figured out the actress’s name: that’s Lesley Dunlop, who was in two serials of Doctor Who. But what could she have appeared in, in black & white, and looking that young and with that kind of haircut, yet feature in something that’s both widescreen and in colour?

    Going with the Life on Mars clue, and because it’s on DVD — maybe it’s from The Sweeney?

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