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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut”

In October 2010, I shared with you some of the bits and pieces of Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced project that remade Star Wars in 15-second scenes, each scene done by fans in whatever manner of filmmaking and/or animation they chose.

Now, you can watch the entire “movie” stitched together from the best of those scenes, assembled by video editor Aaron Valdez, with sound design/mixing by Bryan Pugh.

Thrill to the thrilling trash-compactor scene:

Star Wars Uncut

Marvel at the marvelous light-sword duel:

Star Wars Uncut

Meet stormtroopers:

Star Wars Uncut

And Jawas:

Star Wars Uncut

And Jedi knights:

Star Wars Uncut


Star Wars Uncut

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