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by maryann johanson, liberal movie person

what if the male Avengers posed like the female one? (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• The Avengers actual opening US/Canada weekend beats even the sky-high estimates: $207.4 million. Ya can’t look to just ticket inflation and 3D/IMAX premiums to account for this. Something else is going on. Weekend Report: ‘Avengers’ Smashes Records

• Nice. What If The Male Avengers Posed Like The Female One? [pic]

• Um, no. Seriously, no, you do not need a masters degree to understand Doctor Who or Eureka. Also too: Are you frakkin’ kidding? Television Programs You Need A Masters Degree To Understand

• Provocative and terrifying: “The range of sites and services nibbling away at journalism is immense.” Fungible: A treatise on fungibility, or, a framework for understanding the mess the news industry is in and the opportunities that lie ahead.

• I agree with all this, but I think it misses one vital point: *wonder* is *spectacle* that you actually care about, that you’d like to be a part of. Wonder is spectacle with heart and soul. THE AVENGERS and the Restoration of Wonder

• The MPAA tramples the rights of individuals as well as the Constitution with its trollish, trawling lawsuits. Hollywood’s Trolls

• Filmmaking can sometimes be a life-and-death endeavor… The spy who came in from the code

• What other location/setting could The Avengers have used — besides the slums of India — to show that Bruce Banner was both trying to hide *and* trying to help others? ‘The Avengers’ Indian Slum Scenes Draw Criticism

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