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by maryann johanson, liberal movie person

never fear! Hollywood remains stuck in the remake rut (and other adventures in social networking)

What my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ saw today:
• It’s one thing to shove a product into a preexisting story. But when you design a story around products in the hope of selling them, isn’t that just, you know, advertising? Target Taps ‘Mad Men’ Director for Film You Can Shop To

• The New York Times expends nearly 1,200 words of journalistic discourse on whining about the snarkish deployment of a single word in TV dialogue. Really? ‘Really?’ Pops Up Everywhere on Television

• I post this so I can also post that Bryan Fuller says this is wrong, his Munsters reboot is a go, so is his Hannibal Lecter show. Meanwhile, his brilliant, clever, *original* Pushing Daisies is still so dead, even Ned the Pie Man cannot resurrect it. WTF, Hollywood? What the actual fuck? NBC’s ‘Munsters’ Reboot ‘Mockingbird Lane’ Unlikely To Go Forward

(hat-tip for today’s links: /film)

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