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Spring Breakers (redband trailer)

I thought Girls Gone Wild had gone bankrupt. Huh.

US/Canada release date: Mar 15 2013 | UK release date: Apr 5 2013
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  • Matt Clayton

    What is it trying to be? Comedy? Urban crime drama? Girls Gone Wild meets “Cops”?

  • MC

    I don’t know why, but the first time I watched the trailer for this movie way back when, I was reminded of this music video:

  • PJK

    They could have gone with “Spring Breaking Bad” as a title, but I guess that AMC would have been all over them for that one.

  • Daydream Nation

    Dark satire (hence Harmony Korine is directing)

  • RogerBW

    Breasts! Guns! OK, that’s a wrap. Get Bob to run up a script or something and give it to the editors.

  • Patrick

    Could this sub genre be called a “skankster film”?

  • mdm

    I know it’s not right to make fun of the way people talk, but the dude’s dialect reminds me of the way English had devolved over seven hundred years in Idiocracy.