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Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (trailer)

Well, that looks ridiculous. And it looks even more ridiculous when you consider that this is the poster that goes with the film:

Temptation poster

The trailer — assuming it’s a fair representation of the film — makes it clear that the story is about a woman who is tempted to have an affair with an absurdly “perfect” man. So how does this poster reflect that? This makes me assume the movie is about a male marriage counselor who is driven to have affairs with his clients because they keep coming into his office for their counseling sessions buck naked.

Maybe they’re both accurate. Maybe this is another Tyler Perry movie that tries to be all things to all audiences. That would be nothing new for him.

US/Canada release date: Mar 29 2013
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  • teenygozer

    Wow, that is one schizophrenic marketing effort.

    The poster makes me think that the temptation to the POV character is sexy, anonymous women, so I’d assume it was about a man with a sex addiction, one that he is, presumably, fighting or wishes he could fight. The trailer tells me that this is a movie from a female character’s POV, who is tempted by a perfect-seeming billionaire who is trying to tempt her into an affair, or at least away from her stable but boring life and husband. He may be hinting that he wants something more than an affair, but there are hints he may just be ruining her life for sh*ts and giggles. I have fore-knowledge that Tyler Perry’s product is always very Christian, so I’d say that if she strays from her boring, good-guy husband, it’s probably not going to go well for an adulteress POV character.

    I’d say the poster is… not aimed at the audience for this movie, shall we say? Misleading, if the trailer is accurate? Sounds fair to you?

  • RogerBW

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Indecent Proposal, but at least that had a bit of subtlety about it. This looks like just another in the long line of Perry’s favourite plot, “seemingly nice guy turns out to be a psycho freak”.

  • dawn

    a must see movie. brilliant work by tyler perry. wake up married couples….could happen to you.

  • MaryAnn Johanson

    Thank you, Tyler Perry.

  • Matt Clayton

    Avoid this movie at all costs. (I saw it for free, and I still wanted my money back.) Absolutely wastes Vanessa Williams and Brandy’s talents… both women could and have done much better. It’s a sad state of affairs that Kim Kardashian’s acting fits right at home here.

    And the last five minutes had me snorting with laughter, so ludicrous are the plot turns and denouement. The film is essentially a ham-fisted morality tale of “don’t cheat on your attractive spouse with a hunky rich guy or you’ll wind up with a low self-esteem and AIDS”.

    Tyler Perry really needs to go to film school and learn how to write decent scripts. He can certainly afford to, and it’d be nice if he could make something more accessible instead of pandering to his die-hard fans.

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