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what to stream in the US week of Jun 25 2013 (Netflix/Amazon Instant)


What’s new, what’s hot, and what you may have missed, now available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon Instant Video

streaming now, before it’s on dvd

green light
Admission: down-to-earth romantic dramedy with the courage of its unconventional convictions; Tina Fey and Paul Rudd are delightful [at Amazon Instant Video]

new to stream

green light
The Debt: tense Cold War thriller with riveting performances including Jessica Chastain in an early role [at Amazon Instant Video]
green light
Quartet: a lovely film with heartfelt performances from a fantastic cast that focuses on the upsides of getting older [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]
yellow for maybe
Dark Skies: familiar but effective haunted house-meets-alien abduction thriller [at Amazon Instant Video]
yellow for maybe
Stoker: psychosexual tale of murder and near incest isn’t as unnerving as it wants to be, but still worth a look [at Amazon Instant Video]


indie quirk

green light
Butter: wicked and charming comedy takes on an odd slice of Americana

green light
Everything Must Go: midlife-crisis dramedy shows off Will Ferrell’s surprisingly gentle dramatic chops to entertaining effect

green light
Jeff, Who Lives at Home: smart, sweet, oddball dramedy about the everyday dissatisfactions of modern life [my review]

green light
Like Crazy: tartly edgy young romance that ignores the first-blush madness to explore what it takes to make it last [my review]

green light
Young Adult: Charlize Theron is her own worst enemy in this bitterly funny portrait of a writer’s creative and emotional breakdown

yellow for maybe
Safety Not Guaranteed: charming but slight and less than fully satisfying dramedy about how time travel means never having to let go of regrets