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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

look who’s quoted on this Girl Most Likely ad…

Spotted in the tube today:


Where did that “one of the year’s best” quote come from? Ah, yes:


My review is a few months old now, and I’ve seen lots more films in the interim. But I stand by that quote, and remain astonished how few other critics saw how great the film is. Which is, of course, why I got quoted: the pickin’s were slim otherwise.

I knew I was going to be quoted, but this is the first time I saw the ad in public. Now, if I can only catch it on the side of a red double-decker bus…

UPDATE: Reader Simon writes:

I’ve been reading your site for a while now and thoroughly enjoy your reviews – and today I was really impressed to see you quoted on a poster in the London Underground, for Girl Most Likely.

…except I went and read your review and it doesn’t include the words that are quoted on the poster. They’ve put a positive quotation on and your review’s positive, but that’s about it in terms of matching…

Are these words you used elsewhere? If not, I thought you should know about the mis-attribution…

As I replied to Simon, it’s not a misattribution… although he’s right, those words don’t appear in my review. They’re from my email to the publicist immediately after I saw the film — they’ll often get in touch the day after a screening for a reaction. They asked me if it would be okay to quote me — the quote reflects how high the film is in my yearly ranking — and I okay’ed it.

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  • LaSargenta


    (Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to see this yet.)

  • Steve Gagen

    We’ll done! You’ll do a Jimmy Hendrix and find fame and fortune in England yet. Only try to last a bit longer than he did!

  • singlestick

    Very Cool!

  • RogerBW


  • nickkkkk

    i could not disagree more with your review of girl most likely. no its not a matter of opinion and personal taste. wiig isn’t brilliant- and its not film of the year. you said it because you thought you might get on the movie posters to get publicity- and you did- so well done. however your site now lacks credibility because of that view.

  • Danielm80

    What objective standards would you use to determine Wiig’s brilliance? Can you link to some film reviews that don’t reflect the critics’ opinions or personal taste? I always thought that a film review was an opinion based on personal taste, although that taste might be informed by years of watching and studying movies (as MaryAnn has done).

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