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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

films to stream in the US week of Oct 01 2013 (Netflix/Amazon Instant)


What’s new, what’s hot, and what you may have missed, now available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon Instant Video

streaming now, while it’s still in theaters

green light
Dark Touch: an elegantly atmospheric movie that plumbs typically unseen depths of children’s coping mechanisms in the face of of terrible real-life experience [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]
green light
Touchy Feely: lovely, warmly human dramedy about a massage therapist who loses her touch… and about how we all need to be cared for more than we are [at Amazon Instant Video]
yellow for maybe
Ain’t Them Bodies Saints: oddly dreamy romance among criminals; like if Terrence Malick made Bonnie and Clyde [at Amazon Instant Video]

streaming now, before it’s on dvd

green light
Pacific Rim: a war movie in the richest tradition, set in an exciting and unforgettable near-future science fiction universe; we will be talking about this movie for a long time [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]

new to stream

green light
A Fierce Green Fire: a wonderfully necessary history of modern environmentalism in the post-World War II world [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]
yellow for maybe
The Kings of Summer: mashes a heightened sense of the absurd rather awkwardly up against arty pastoral, and the mock-seriousness of the endeavor comes across as unpleasantly snide [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]


must-see documentary

green light
Room 237: bizarre, funny, hugely intriguing documentary about the “conspiracy theories” obsessive fans have developed around the film The Shining [at Netflix]

because you missed it

green light
Tsotsi: a devastating vision of harsh life in the townships of Johannesburg [my review] [at Netflix]
yellow for maybe
Upside Down: science fiction romance works better as a Terry Gilliam-esque flight of fancy than as a love story [at Netflix]

modern classics new to stream

green light
Fargo: the Coen Brothers’ brilliant crime comedy, featuring one of cinema’s most memorable characters ever, Frances McDormand’s pregnant cop Marge Gunderson [at Netflix]
green light
Grease: 1950s high-school nostalgia, with singing and dancing [my review] [at Netflix]
green light
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Guy Ritchie’s snarky debut, which practically invested the new subgenre of British crime black comedy [my review] [at Netflix]

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