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by maryann johanson, liberal movie person

Tom Hiddleston, if someone were clever enough to cast him as Buckaroo Banzai

Speaking of cult movies

nhyrvana on deviantArt figures Tom Hiddleston might make a good Buckaroo Banzai:


(Click here for a larger version.)

I agree. It’s long past time for a reboot or a sequel. Let’s do it!

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  • RogerBW

    …yeah, but…

    I mean, sure, properties with less appeal have been rebooted. I have no problem seeing someone remake this rather than, say, The Last Starfighter. (Oh, wait, someone’s got the rights for a sequel to that. A remake of Beverly Hills Cop? Darn, TV pilot. Um. Just pick something that hasn’t been remade yet. If you can find one.)

    But if it’s crap, and the odds favour a remake being crap, it’s the way people will think about the character for years to come.

  • Hey, I can dream…

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