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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

what’s on Netflix and Amazon Instant Video (from Mar 25)


What’s new, what’s hot, and what you may have missed, now available to stream.

Amazon Instant Video

streaming now, before it’s in theaters

green light
Firefox: magnificent drama about a girl gang in 1950s New York, astonishing in its peek into the hidden traumas of girls’ everyday lives [at Amazon Instant Video]

streaming now, while it’s still in theaters

green light
The Past: remarkably grounded French drama about a broken family trying to mend; unexpectedly riveting, with one of the year’s best ensembles [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]
yellow for maybe
Blood Ties: some excellent performances — by Clive Owen and Billy Crudup — can’t disguise the fact that there’s absolutely nothing here we haven’t seen too many times before [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]

streaming now, before it’s on dvd

yellow for maybe
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: Smaug is a magnificent cinematic creation… but there’s no good reason it takes so damn long to get to him [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]

new to Prime

green light
Flyboys: old-fashioned adventure drama starring James Franco as a WWI fighter pilot [my review] [at Amazon Instant Video]
green light
Mud: Matthew McConaughey shines as the tragic outsider in a poignant Southern coming-of-age tale [at Amazon Instant Video]


new to stream

green light
Geography Club: a gentle, positive high-school drama about how little courage it actually takes to break through adolescent panicky silence and embrace everyone’s differences [my review] [at Netflix]
green light
Mud: Matthew McConaughey shines as the tragic outsider in a poignant Southern coming-of-age tale [at Netflix]
green light
20 Feet from Stardom: must-see documentary for any fan of modern pop music introduces us to the extraordinary women you didn’t know were behind some of the songs you know by heart [my review] [at Netflix]
yellow for maybe
Princess Kaiulani: problematic but otherwise untold story of the last independent ruler of Hawaii [at Netflix]

silly stuff

green light
The Brady Bunch Movie: smart transfer to film for the 1970s TV favorite makes the most of retro nostalgic cool [at Netflix]
green light
A Very Brady Sequel: if the first movie was a surprise, that the sequel maintains the goofy fun is an even bigger (and very welcome) shock [at Netflix]

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