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such a nasty woman | by maryann johanson

from Facebook: hope you’re up for a bland Star Wars…

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  • Bluejay

    Well, if this is going to be the latest trilogy’s Return of the Jedi, I suppose it’s par for the course. :-)

  • RogerBW

    It’s another film based on a series that was popular decades ago, which is trying to get money both from those who remember the originals and from new viewers. And Jurassic World had an opening weekend take bigger than its production budget. Quality, who pays for quality?

  • Danielm80

    I thought Trevorrow’s first film, Safety Not Guaranteed, was terrific. But then, I liked Return of the Jedi

    In his first film, he focused on the emotion and characterization, and used the special effects to advance the story.* If he does that again, this could be a great movie. Or he could put all the women in high-heeled shoes.

  • RogerBW

    Agreed – I thought SNG was not perfect but extremely good, and it’s a huge shame that the next thing he directed was a soulless corporate megaflick. I hope the money was worth it.

  • Bluejay

    I suppose we’ll have to see how the script turns out.

  • Tonio Kruger

    I actually liked Return of the Jedi too.

    But I suspect this latest SW movie will be more like The Phantom Menace.

  • Aaron Jones

    I really enjoyed Safety Not Guaranteed, Jurassic World, not so much. This announcement doesn’t make me feel very good.

  • Danielm80

    How did you like Return of the Jedi?

  • Aaron Jones

    It also had it’s moments, but it was no Empire Strikes Back.

  • Bluejay

    You missed your chance to say “I have a bad feeling about this.” ;-)

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