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new and ongoing cinema releases, UK/Ire, from Jun 22-23

Fri Jun 23 2017, 05:02pm | comments off

A simple listing of movies opening this week and in continuing release.

new and ongoing cinema releases, US/Can, from Jun 21-23

Fri Jun 23 2017, 05:00pm | comments off

A simple listing of movies opening this week and in continuing release.

2017’s films ranked

Fri Jun 23 2017, 03:44pm | 0 comments

I rank films on the fly as I see them during the 2017 awards year. (Exclusively for subscribers only, until the end of the year, when it will be made public.)

Megan Leavey movie review: a soldier and her dog

Fri Jun 23 2017, 03:15pm | 3 comments

This deeply satisfying military drama demonstrates that a simple, even familiar story can be powerfully effective when told with big heart and solid craft.

The Bad Batch movie review: a girl walks into dystopia alone

Fri Jun 23 2017, 03:08am | 2 comments

Filmmaker-to-watch Ana Lily Amirpour again shakes up a familiar genre — here, the postapocalyptic adventure — in unexpected ways, but stumbles a bit in the process.

Lost in Paris (Paris pieds nus) movie review: French kicks

Thu Jun 22 2017, 11:40pm | 1 comment

An exquisite miniature puzzle-box pop-up-book of a movie. All is color and light and exhilaration here, a fantastical lark that is sheer mischievous joy.

new and ongoing dvd & vod releases, US/Can, from Jun 20

Wed Jun 21 2017, 06:29pm | comments off

A simple listing of new releases and other stuff currently available.

new and ongoing dvd & vod releases, UK/Ire, from Jun 19

Wed Jun 21 2017, 05:46pm | comments off

A simple listing of new releases and other stuff currently available.

a running tally of all the artists and intellectuals hassled by border agents or actually kept out of America under Trump

Sat Jun 17 2017, 08:02pm | 22 comments

You don’t make a nation “great” by making it difficult or impossible for writers, historians, scientists, artists, and other intellectuals to enter the country to give lectures, perform, do research, teach, or promote their work.

curated: a bat signal for Adam West

Sat Jun 17 2017, 07:56pm | 4 comments

*bang* *pow* *sob*

curated: Joss Whedon’s leaked Wonder Women script is sexist as hell

Sat Jun 17 2017, 07:54pm | 22 comments

Assuming it’s the real thing, of course.

47 Meters Down movie review: jumping the shark

Sat Jun 17 2017, 07:24pm | 16 comments

Originally slated for a VOD release, and it feels like it: the few moments of simple tension quickly dissipate in the murky and not very shark-infested depths.

The Journey movie review: a civil end to war

Thu Jun 15 2017, 07:27pm | 0 comments

This fictional dialogue inspired by a private meeting between real-life enemies can’t muster up more than the usual banalities about the ethics of politics and war.

The Wedding Invitation movie review: regrets only

Mon Jun 12 2017, 10:34pm | 5 comments

This strained comedy might have been progressive in the 1960s, but today it reeks of an infantilization of women that warrants squashing, not celebrating.

curated: is Melania Trump taking fashion advice from Claire Underwood?

Thu Jun 08 2017, 11:03pm | 0 comments


Wonder Woman movie review: women’s work

Thu Jun 08 2017, 10:18pm | 67 comments

Everything about this joyful, sincere origin story feels like a retort — a very welcome and much needed one — to traditional male-centered superhero stories.

curated: studios are afraid to tell women’s stories on the big screen

Wed Jun 07 2017, 09:11pm | 1 comment

Men’s stories are, of course, of endless universal appeal.

curated: ‘The Great Dictator,’ starring Donald Trump

Sat Jun 03 2017, 07:57pm | 0 comments


curated: the film web is why film fans don’t understand what criticism is

Sat Jun 03 2017, 07:55pm | 4 comments

Some of the film web, at least…

curated: best-dad-ever photographer transforms his little daughter into Wonder Woman

Sat Jun 03 2017, 07:54pm | 8 comments

Representation matters.

curated: no, Hollywood is not taking a huge gamble on Patty Jenkins’ ‘Wonder Woman’

Fri Jun 02 2017, 08:32pm | 1 comment

At least not at any more than it takes similar gambles on white dudes all the damn time

Dough movie review: it’s a bit too unleavened

Fri Jun 02 2017, 03:40pm | 0 comments

Its message of interfaith understanding is an undeniably necessary one; too bad it’s delivered with the obvious broad humor of a sitcom Very Special Episode.

Churchill movie review: stumbling over truth

Thu Jun 01 2017, 03:06pm | 9 comments

This low-stakes, emotionally limp portrait may be intended to humanize a towering, almost mythic figure, but instead just needles and undercuts him.

curated: the end of man (not woman) is upon us thanks to Alamo Drafthouse

Wed May 31 2017, 06:15pm | 4 comments

Stupid Alamo Drafthouse…

curated: Hollywood studios hate this one cool critic’s trick

Wed May 31 2017, 06:14pm | 3 comments

If only we dared not say when movies suck…

lighter than usual posting for the next few weeks, probably

Tue May 30 2017, 01:08pm | 7 comments

As you may already be aware if you’ve seen the notes on the what’s-in-cinema pages or follow me on Facebook, I’ve had to return suddenly to New York for a minor crisis…

curated: all the nopes for princesses

Fri May 26 2017, 09:32pm | 0 comments

“Fuck this princess shit.”

curated: rules for ethical geekery

Fri May 26 2017, 09:30pm | 2 comments

Good advice.

Baywatch movie review: sun’s out, dumb’s out

Fri May 26 2017, 08:37pm | 24 comments

A beach-slap to anyone with a brain. Embodies everything that is wrong with Hollywood today. It is proudly dumb. It is proudly sexist. It is proudly pointless.

Wakefield movie review: man of the house (emeritus)

Fri May 26 2017, 03:35pm | 14 comments

An appalling elevation of toxic masculinity to something poignant, radical, and heroic. As unpleasant and as passive-aggressive as its horrid protagonist.

curated: the ‘Harry Potter’ theme like you have never heard it before

Thu May 25 2017, 06:32pm | 0 comments

Truly magical.

curated: David Mamet doesn’t want you to talk about his plays

Thu May 25 2017, 05:58pm | 14 comments

Well, okay then.

curated: suppression of the free press in Trump’s America turns violent

Thu May 25 2017, 05:56pm | 4 comments

Worse: this guy is likely to be elected.

curated: why little girls love female pop stars

Wed May 24 2017, 05:23pm | 10 comments

A sequel to my essay about why little girls love princesses…

curated: on the ethics of criticism

Wed May 24 2017, 05:19pm | 0 comments

It’s more complicated than you think.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge (aka Dead Men Tell No Tales) movie review: yo ho no

Tue May 23 2017, 01:43pm | 40 comments

The franchise finally overstays its welcome with this cacophony of CGI spectacle, a contrived and confusing plot, and a newly cruel and stupid Jack Sparrow.

how not to get on a critic’s shit list

Mon May 22 2017, 07:14pm | 2 comments

The balls of an email I just received!

curated: is almost everyone in the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy illiterate?

Mon May 22 2017, 07:11pm | 5 comments


curated: the only science fiction star map you’ll ever need

Mon May 22 2017, 07:10pm | 0 comments


curated: male filmmaker attempts to get Film Twitter to shun a female critic and female-led publication who gave him a bad review

Mon May 22 2017, 07:05pm | 5 comments

It is not difficult to find out this filmmaker’s name and the name of the film in question. It’s not my place to reveal those, but I wonder why are we all protecting him…

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie review: well I didn’t vote for him

Mon May 22 2017, 04:27pm | 12 comments

Derivative, rote, devoid of heart and hope. Guy Ritchie has found no reason to retell Arthur’s story, or to render a mythic hero as a self-serving thug.

curated: Johnny Depp thinks one female villain in his onscreen career is more than enough

Sat May 20 2017, 12:14pm | 6 comments

Sounds like a symptom of that well-known delusion, that women are dominating a situation even when they’re barely present in it.

‘Alien’ may be feminist, but not because it’s about rape

Sat May 20 2017, 12:08pm | 0 comments

I disagree with much of this, and I am quoted in the piece saying as much.

curated: burn in hell, Roger Ailes

Fri May 19 2017, 08:24pm | 0 comments

Good riddance, though the damage he did will be with us for a long time.

curated: more reasons we need more female film critics

Fri May 19 2017, 08:23pm | 0 comments

Not that there aren’t enough reasons already.

Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience — the review

Thu May 18 2017, 11:42am | 11 comments

Replicates the abusive experience of being served a meal by noted hotelier and ball of rage Basil Fawlty in his Torquay lodging establishment. It is an absolute riot.

curated: LIKE I WAS SAYING about ruining a science fiction mystery…

Tue May 16 2017, 05:20pm | 5 comments

Glad I’m not the only one to say it.

curated: hot guys of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Tue May 16 2017, 05:18pm | 0 comments


curated: all fucked up on the ‘Wonder Woman’ front

Tue May 16 2017, 05:16pm | 1 comment

The movie opens in two weeks, and I have heard zilch about a screening.

a few thoughts on ‘Big Little Lies’ (and open thread)

Mon May 15 2017, 06:21pm | 3 comments

I’m floored by its breakdown of toxic masculinity and toxic femininity… [This post is not behind the paywall.]

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