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win four ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ DVDs (now closed)

NOW CLOSED. WINNER: Anne. Click through for Anne’s winning caption.

THE RULES: If you have not won a prize in one of my caption contests or gimme giveaways in 2006*, and you have a United States mailing address, you’re eligible to win. If one or both of those rules exclude you but you’re moved by the muse of comedy, feel free to send me a caption anyway — you might get an honorable mention… but let me know you’re entering only for fun. (*Micropatrons who’ve snagged some exclusive micropatron goodies are eligible to win one of these prizes.)

Oh, two more simple rules: 1) Be clever, be original, make me giggle. 2) One entry per person.
To celebrate the recent release of Monty Python compilation DVDs assembled by the Pythons themselves, I’ve got four of the discs to give away, courtesy of A&E Home Video. Here’s the scoop:

Terry Jones’s Personal Best includes “The Lumberjack Song,” “The Spanish Inquisition,” “The Fish-Slapping Dance,” and more.
Terry Gilliam’s Personal Best is an all-animated collection of his signature segments
Graham Chapman’s Personal Best includes an all-new tribute to Chapman by his partners in comedy crime
John Cleese’s Personal Best notes that “the imperfections of the original analog Monty Python shows have been analyzed and painstakingly reproduced as digital imperfections”

If you don’t want to wait to win, buy the DVDs at Amazon:

Cleese’s/Jones’s/Gilliam’s/Chapman’s/Idle’s (not included in this giveaway)/Palin’s (not included in this giveaway)
set of all six DVDs

To enter to win a DVD set, send a funny caption for this still from the show:

Anne’s winning caption: “Hazel loses her cool when once again Biff fails to notice that Thorskeld has undressed her with his lustful gaze.”

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