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RV (review)

His spouse is a desperate housewife, his kids are ill-mannered brats, and no wonder: Dad (Robin Williams: Robots) is a corporate toady whose greatest pleasure in life is licking his boss’s posterior in order to continue spoiling his already rotten family. They’re the worst people you’ve ever met, and you’re gonna spend a week in an RV with them. (I recommend you avoid them at all costs, actually.) The painful litany of “humor” runs from sight gags that start out unfunny and get infinitely more excruciating the longer they’re dragged out, as if by sheer will star and director (Barry Sonnenfeld: Men in Black II) can force you to laugh; redneck jokes, as if anyone who genuinely finds this junk hilarious is the height of sophistication; and the spectacle of an impromptu party at an RV park to celebrate the successful transport of human waste from one recreational vehicle to a hole in the ground… but not before a geyser of shit bursts forth to dose everything in liquid feces. Which may just serve as a metaphor for the entire endeavor. This is quite possibly the dumbest movie ever made. It’s certainly the dumbest movie ever made with a major star. Or a once-major star. Robin Williams may well have doomed himself never to work again, except in the inevitable RV 2.

MPAA: rated PG for crude humor, innuendo and language

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