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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

TiVo this! can’t-miss geek movies on TV, 04.10-04.16

I scour the skeds so you don’t have to, and point out the best geek highlights of the week in some unexpected places: Turner Classic Movies and The Sundance Channel, which show films uncut and uninterrupted (and sometimes in letterbox). But ya gotta turn to The SciFi Channel once in a while, too, commercials and editing be damned — there’s nothing like geeking out in front of the tube with built-in breaks for munchie refills and snark attacks.

(All times are Eastern. Times between midnight and 5:59am actually refer to the previous date. In other words, 2am Saturday really means the overnight twilight zone between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Links in movie titles go to my review.)
MONDAY 04.10

11:00PM: Tron. The movie that helped make us the geeks we are today.


The Marx Brothers were my gateway drug to things like Monty Python and The Young Ones. Check out two of the gang’s lesser-known films today:

3:15pm: Room Service. This 1938 flick features Ann Miller, Lucille Ball, and the Brothers in one of those wacky “doors open, doors close” type comedies.

8:00pm: Horse Feathers. In 1938, the Marx boys went to college and joined the football team. Cue hilarity.


5:00pm: Final Destination. Funny, but this movie always makes me think of George Carlin, cuz I can’t help but wonder, Isn’t every destination final?

SUNDAY 04.16

It’s an afternoon of old-fashioned fantasy as angels visit for Easter Sunday:

12:00n: Angels in the Outfield. The 1951 original, of course, starring Janet Leigh and Keenan Wynn.

2:00pm: The Bishop’s Wife. Cary Grant, not Denzel Washington. Also with Loretta Young and David Niven.

4:00pm: Heaven Can Wait. More footballers, though this time visiting from the afterlife. Warren Beatty stars and directed.

3:30am: Mutant Aliens. Wacked-out animated film from visionary and probably quite mad cartoonist Bill Plympton. Stars — no kidding and quite appropriate for the day — Jesus H. Christ himself.

Bite the heads of chocolate bunnies while you “enjoy” a marathon of cheesey miniseries in the midst of Sci Fi’s Miniseries Month:

11:00am: Merlin. I adore Sam Neill, but I’m just not seeing him as the medieval wizard type.

3:00pm: The Odyssey. Armand Assante as Odysseus? Not really seeing that, either…

7:00pm: Jason and the Argonauts. Commander T’Pol plays Medea. That’s gotta be good for some chuckles.

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