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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

TiVo this! can’t-miss geek movies on TV, 06.05-06.11

I scour the skeds so you don’t have to, and point out the best geek highlights of the week in some unexpected places: Turner Classic Movies and The Sundance Channel, which show films uncut and uninterrupted (and sometimes in letterbox). But ya gotta turn to The SciFi Channel once in a while, too, commercials and editing be damned — there’s nothing like geeking out in front of the tube with built-in breaks for munchie refills and snark attacks.

(All times are Eastern. Times between midnight and 5:59am actually refer to the previous date. In other words, 2am Saturday really means the overnight twilight zone between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Links in movie titles go to my review.)

10:00PM: Mail Order Wife. Wickedly funny mockumentary that’s not only about a dork who sends out for a spouse but is self-referentially about the act of making documentary films, too.


10:30AM: The Smiling Ghost. 1941 flick about a newswoman investigating a haunted house. Presumably, she’s spunky and wise-cracking.

10:00PM: Plunder of the Sun. Glenn Ford goes after long-lost Aztec treasure. Probably won’t satisfying your Indiana jones while we wait for Indy 4, but ya never know.

1:15AM: Every Girl Should Be Married. Cary Grant gets blinded by science as a presumably spunky and wise-cracking lady scientist turns her logical, rational wiles on him. Thomas Dolby, call your office.

11:00AM: Comfort and Joy. Bill Forsyth’s hilariously black comedy about warring ice-cream truck drivers. You’ll never get the come-and-get-it jingle out of your skull.

5:45AM: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Apparently these “Beatles” are the guys who ripped off everything the Rutles did.

FRIDAY 06.09

Looks like Talk Like a Pirate Day at TCM:

8:00PM: Hook (1991)
10:30PM: The Princess and the Pirate (Bob Hope and Virginia Mayo in what is almost the 1940s version of The Princess Bride)
12:30AM: Abbott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd

12:00m: Jesus Christ Superstar. Help me, Jeebus!

SUNDAY 06.11

2:00PM: Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Hiya, Eddie!

12:00m: Ju-on: The Grudge. Way better than the American remake.

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