The Ant Bully (review)

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Walk a mile in someone’s carapace… Such is the lesson learned by Lucas the Destroyer (the voice of Zach Tyler), the young human bewitched by ant magic, shrunk to ant size, and tried, by the colony on his front lawn, for crimes against anthood (worst among which: “bringing the dreaded yellow rain”). Sentenced to live as an ant and learn their ways, he discovers that the voices of Nicolas Cage (Lord of War) and Julia Roberts (Ocean’s Twelve) are all but unrecognizable divorced from their familiar faces — they are, respectively, an ant wizard and the ant wizard’s nurse girlfriend; yes, of course ant wizards have girlfriends — but that Bruce Campbell (Jack of All Trades), as a macho, arrogant ant scout, and Paul Giamatti (Lady in the Water), as the human exterminator the colony must battle, are hilarious even when they have only their voices to work with. This dazzling animated flick doesn’t have quite the wild zing of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, also from filmmaker John A. Davis, but there’s more here than you’d expect: some beautifully effective depictions of ant religion, the regalness of the Ant Queen (the voice of Meryl Streep: A Prairie Home Companion), the hard-edged nightmare of a wasp offensive. It’s a bug’s life, indeed.

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