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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

TiVo this! can’t-miss geek movies on TV, 07.31-08.06

I scour the skeds so you don’t have to, and point out the best geek highlights of the week in some unexpected places: Turner Classic Movies and The Sundance Channel, which show films uncut and uninterrupted (and sometimes in letterbox). But ya gotta turn to The SciFi Channel once in a while, too, commercials and editing be damned — there’s nothing like geeking out in front of the tube with built-in breaks for munchie refills and snark attacks.

(All times are Eastern. Times between midnight and 5:59am actually refer to the previous date. In other words, 2am Saturday really means the overnight twilight zone between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Links in movie titles go to my review.)
MONDAY 07.31

9:30PM: Captain Blood. Awesome 1935 swashbuckler — if you like Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ll love this.

11:00PM: Tornado!. Bruce Campbell does Twister. Worth seeing, as you might expect, for Bruce Campbell.


4:15PM: The Three Musketeers. This 1948 version stars Gene Kelly, which seems kinda weird, but there we are.

9:00PM: The Manchurian Candidate. The 1962 John Frankenheimer one. Political SF pretty near its best.

4:15PM: The Picture of Dorian Gray. Oddly enough, not subtitled The Dick Clark Story.


All-day Marx Brothers marathon!

10:30AM: The Cocoanuts
12:15PM: The Big Store
1:45PM: Go West
3:15PM: At the Circus
4:45PM: Room Service
6:15PM: A Night at the Opera
8:00PM: Animal Crackers
9:45PM: Monkey Business
11:15PM: Horse Feathers
12:30AM: Duck Soup
1:45AM: A Day at the Races


11:00PM: Tremors. The spice… No, wait, that was the other movie about the giant worms. Damn.


5:00PM: It’s All Gone Pete Tong. Hilarious mockumentary about a rave DJ that hits a lot of Gen X chords.

9:00PM: Timeline. Very bad and very funny movie about Paul Walker sent back to the Middle Ages by Bill Gates, who accidentally invented a time machine while trying to revolutionize overnight shipping. I’m so not kidding.

SUNDAY 08.06

2:15PM: Countdown. 1968 sci-fi drama about a moon shot that goes bad.

2:30AM: THX-1138. Anticipates the Wal-Mart economy: buy stuff, throw it away, repeat ad infinitum.

9:00PM: Big Fish. Tim Burton grows up with this fantastical movie about a tall-tale-telling dad and his disillusioned son.

3:00AM: Dead Again. Still one of the cleverest and most unexpected twists in this history of spooky movies.

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