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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

win an IFC duffel bag during IFC Pulp Month (now closed)

NOW CLOSED. WINNER: Barbara. Click through for her winning caption (and runners-up).

WIN: an IFC duffel bag

HOW: write a funny caption for an image from one of the films IFC is airing during June’s Pulp Month

THE RULES: If you have not won a prize in one of my caption contests or gimme giveaways in 2006*, and you have a United States mailing address, you’re eligible to win. If one or both of those rules exclude you but you’re moved by the muse of comedy, feel free to send me a caption anyway — you might get an honorable mention… but let me know you’re entering only for fun. (*Micropatrons who’ve snagged some exclusive micropatron goodies are eligible to win one of these prizes.)

Oh, two more simple rules: 1) Be clever, be original, make me giggle. 2) One entry per person.
The cable network IFC is celebrating Pulp Month in June, and to commemorate it, I’ve got an IFC duffel bag to give away, courtesy of IFC. Here’s the scoop on Pulp Month, from IFC:

June is Pulp Month on IFC. Every damn night in June at 11pm ET/12am PT, IFC plunges neck-deep into a dark world of sex, violence and paranoia with IFC Pulp Month. All films are uncut, uncensored and uninterrupted.

The schedule for the remainder of June:

June 17: Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead
June 18: The Krays
June 19: The Last Seduction
June 20: The Funeral
June 21: Shallow Grave
June 22: The Devil’s Backbone
June 23: House of 1000 Corpses
June 24: Killng Zoe
June 25: Dirty Pretty Things
June 26: The Good Thief
June 27: Fulltime Killer
June 28: Fresh
June 29: The Hard Word
June 30: Dawn of the Dead (Director’s Cut)

Visit the network’s official site for all the details.

To enter to win the duffel bag, send a funny caption for this still from Shallow Grave:

Barbara’s winning caption: “Honey, you smell like a million bucks.”

There were lots of great entries for this one, and I had a hard time choosing a winner. My favorites among the also-rans:

From Christine: “Wow, I bet there’s enough here to get myself one of those sweet iPods.”


From Richard: “Swallow your pride, Ewan! It’s George Lucas!”

From Yolanda: “We have enough to fill the gas tank for at least a week!”

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