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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: home video nostalgia

Reader Sean has pointed out that my review of the sci-fi comedy Men in Black, which was posted in December 1997, is a startling indication of how far home video technologies have come:

Men in Black was even better the second time around. This is a movie made for video — or even for the ultraclarity of laserdisc. (Wish I had me one of those… Ya listenin’, Santa?) You need to rewind and freeze-frame to catch all the sight gags happening in the background and listen again for the throwaway lines. (What was that flavor of coffee the lanky little aliens said they were drinking?)

I never did get a laserdisc player, but I was a super early adopter of DVD — I bought my first DVD player in 1998.

(If you come across any interesting tidbits in my old reviews that you think are worth highlighting, let me know.)

review of Men in Black, posted 12.08.97

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  1. Hey, I *still* have a laserdisc player – some things will never come out on DVD, like so many albums will never be released on CD.

    Well, OK, and I’m too cheap to re-buy everything on DVD, especially now that we’re faced with HDTV and all the various ways to bring that into the home. :P

  2. Your first link on this article points back to the In and Out review.

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