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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: my skepticism makes its first appearance

My skepticism about the supernatural — as reality, not as the highly entertaining subject of movies — rears its rational head in my review of the historical sorta fantasy Fairy Tale: A True Story:

Fairy Tale plays on the old idea that children have an unspoiled perspective on the world that allows them to see magic everywhere: fairies or angels or the Easter Bunny or what have you. As a metaphor, it works as a reminder to us: If more adults kept the sense of wonder most of us had as children, the world would be a lot more fun (and I’d have more people to play with). But I worry about people of voting age who actually believe in fairies or call psychic hotlines or panic when Mercury is in Scorpio. And I think our society fosters people like that because of another idea that Fairy Tale highlights: rational people are bad or at least somewhat lacking in the soul department.

review of Fairy Tale: A True Story, posted 11.03.97

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