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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: the atheist emerges

My no-gods-believing stubbornness and love of all things science-y makes its first major appearance in my review of Contact:

But for all of Ellie’s logic and realism, she’s also an idealist. She is rational and fair, and is constantly disappointed when others aren’t. National science advisor David Drumlin (Tom Skerritt), who is also her former teacher, cancels her SETI program “for her own good” because he believes she’s throwing her career away on a foolhardy idea. Later, when he takes credit for her discovery of the alien message, her dismay is heartbreaking. She is likewise blindsided by Palmer Joss when she asks for proof that God exists — he sidesteps the question and counters with the request that she prove she loved her father. Ask for proof that her father existed — that would have been a fairer request.

I think Ellie is one of my favorite characters ever in movies…

review of Contact, posted 04.06.98

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  1. RE: The prior post – the poll. How dare you leave out Veronica Mars and it’s Twin Peak-sy ghost Lilly and bad dreams. Of course, it really boils down to non-supernatural mystery so, umm, how dare you leave out uhh, Smallvile? (intentional 3 l’s in Smallville).

  2. It’s my site and my poll. You wanna talk about Veronica Mars, get your own damn site and your own damn poll.

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