Everyone’s Hero (review)

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What began as the last project of Christopher and Dana Reeve — both were producing; he was directing; she supplied voice talent — has ended as a funny, sweet testament to their indefatigable endurance in the face of the most trying of circumstances. But you don’t need to know that to enjoy this wonderful animated film. Earnest and honest without being preachy or sacrificing a whit of its gentle humor, this is the tale of Yankee Irving — a fan of the Bronx team, of course — and his talking baseball (the voice of Ron Reiner: Alex and Emma, in a delightfully snide performance) as they attempt to return Babe Ruth’s stolen lucky bat, Darlin’, in time to snatch a World Series victory from Chicago. The Depression-era setting lends itself to some lovely computer animation — sunsets over urban sandlots and the like — but also to the film’s can-do philosophy: Yankee is the classic kiddie loser who finally earns the respect of his peers and reconnects with his dad (the voice of Mandy Patinkin: Dead Like Me) through his own hard work and spunk… and the support and friendship of new acquaintances made along the journey. It’s an out-of-the-park home run.

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