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10 years of Flick Filosopher: to infinity and beyond

I’m still really happy with my review of Toy Story 2. The beginnings of my geek philosophy were starting to come across:

Toy Story 2 is like a morality play for pop-culture-loving Generation Xers, who turn toys into little idols, displaying them as expressions of our personalities. (I’ve got my Star Trek and X-Files Barbies and Kens on view in my office, and they ain’t never coming out of their boxes.) But if love is what makes toys truly come alive, what are we doing to them? I’m not anthropomorphizing — I don’t actually think toys can feel. But I do find it ironic that if as a child I was like Andy, today I’m much closer to being Al McWhiggin. One of Toy Story 2‘s themes is about letting childhood things go — is that what many of us fail to do? I’ve grown beyond the need to play with toys — my imagination finds much grander grounds in the arena of my fiction — so how do my toys still speak to me?

Those Barbies and Kens got sold off on eBay a couple years later, when I was going through a really rough financial spot… but they never did come out of their boxes while I owned them.

review of Toy Story 2, posted 12.08.99

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