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10 years of Flick Filosopher: I come down hard on ‘Pitch Black’

To this day, no review has generated more feedback from readers than my trashing of Pitch Black:

Is it an active contempt for the audience, I have to wonder, that propels a movie like Pitch Black through production, or is it mere laziness on the part of the filmmakers combined with the unspoken assumption — generally an accurate one — that moviegoers will watch just about anything with spaceships and lots of gore? Did some executive, considering greenlighting this script, chuckle evilly to himself while calculating precisely how insulting a movie he could produce and still have a decent opening weekend? Or was everyone so gung-ho on making a stylish sci-fi flick that it never occurred to anyone how nonsensical and even amoral the whole thing was?

There’s links to lots of that feedback on the review page… though those pages are all in an ugly old format. Sorry.

review of Pitch Black, posted 02.18.00

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