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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: it’s alive!

For Halloween 2000, I took a look at a string of classic horror flicks. From my review of 1931’s Frankenstein:

Whale’s Frankenstein is a monster movie with a twist: the monsters are the supposedly normal humans, and the putative monster is a misunderstood and tormented creature. The film very stylishly and visually sets up the dichotomy. In the graveyard at which Henry and Fritz do their bodysnatching, there’s not a cross or a statue or a fence that stands straight — nature and man are askew of each other. Henry’s castle looks like a Goya painting, with nary a right angle to be found — in the now-classic mad laboratory, walls shoot off at all angles, distorted shadows rushing up them; narrow flights of stairs twist up to dark recesses. All rationality is gone from Henry’s world, and the castle is a manifestation of his deranged mind.

review of Frankenstein, posted 10.30.00

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