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10 years of Flick Filosopher: unleashing hell

Newly added to my own personal top 100 films, Gladiator is one of those movies that continues to haunt me and thrill me no matter how many times I see it. From my review:

Is Gladiator an action movie? Is it an historical drama? Is it a sweeping epic? Yes. Like The 13th Warrior, this is a thinking person’s action movie. Like Braveheart, this is a story of a brutal era told with stunning realism. Like Terminator 2, this is a violent movie that indicts our appetite for violence. Like The Matrix, this thrills on both a visceral and cerebral level.
This is the kind of movie that I love the most, one that leaves my brain reeling with so much to say about it that I could write a book.
This is the kind of movie that movies were invented for.

review of Gladiator, posted 05.05.00

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