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precarious since 1997 | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: breaking down superheroes

It’s one of the trickiest conundrums I face as a film journalist: I want to be as analytical as possible but I recognize that many of my readers won’t have seen a film before they read my stuff. But I think I walked that line pretty well in my review of Unbreakable:

I’m sure that many moviegoers will not agree with me, for one simple reason: Unbreakable is, unexpectedly enough, a deconstruction of comic books and superhero movies. Anyone who thinks that comic books are throwaway pop culture will probably dismiss Unbreakable as well. But if you’re one of those readers and movie fans who understands that serious superhero tales are not only retellings of classic, mythic good-versus-evil stories but attempts to understand, in a modern context, the nature of evil itself… well, your head will reel.

review of Unbreakable, posted 11.17.00

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