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10 years of Flick Filosopher: you’ll shoot your eye out

A Christmas Story has now officially entered the zeitgeist. You’ve seen the TV ad, haven’t you, for some cell phone service or other, that’s a spookily spot-on homage to the flick? And why not use this film to sell stuff: it recognizes that we dwell in a sea of inescapable advertising, and so by appropriating this film, the adverteriser winks at us, knows that we, the audience, the potential customer, is as cynical as people get when it comes to being sold to. From my review:

And then there’s all the lovely disillusionment of growing up. Ralphie’s was probably the first generation of kids to be inducted into the consumer culture by advertisements for kiddie programs (be they on radio or television) disguised as toys. It is with dismay that he discovers that the fan club for his favorite radio show, Little Orphan Annie, is little more than a promotion for the show’s sponsor, Ovaltine.

review of A Christmas Story, posted 01.05.00

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