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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: time after again nevermore

And then sometimes geeky dreams are crushed. From my review of Kate & Leopold:

Jack Finney fans rejoice! No, not really! (Sorry.) If, like me, you’ve been waiting for Time and Again, his time-traveling romantic fantasy novel, to show up on the big screen, you will be pissed as hell that Kate & Leopold appears to have ripped him off, only sort of in reverse, stripping the romance and the fantasy of any potency in the process. You’ll be pissed because when this sorry piece of would-be fluff goes over like a lead balloon at the box office — its Christmas Day opening was pathetic — it will effectively quash any chance Time and Again ever had of coming to a multiplex near you within our lifetimes. “Look,” Hollywood honchos will say, pointing to their spreadsheets, “time-travel romances don’t sell.”

Well, of course they don’t. Not when they’re better used as insomnia aids than anything else.

review of Kate & Leopold, posted 12.28.01

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