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I got an email recently from Chuck, a reader, who wanted to know if I was aware that Ace Weekly, the alternative newspaper of Lexington, Kentucky, was running some of my reviews. Chuck was rather indignant, on my behalf: he figured this paper was swiping my stuff and hoping no one would notice.

I thanked Chuck for his concern and assured him that yes, I am fully aware that Ace Weekly runs some of my reviews, that in fact a handful of alt-weeklies around the country run some of my reviews, and that yes, of course they pay me. But Chuck raised an excellent point: there could be papers out there running my reviews without my permission and without paying me for the rights to reprint my work. (This has happened before to other critics whose work appears online.)

So just so you all know, these are the papers that print some of my reviews with my permission and with compensation to me:
Salt Lake City Weekly (Utah)
Ace Weekly (Lexington, Kentucky)
Rocky Mountain Chronicle (Fort Collins, Colorado)
Charleston City Paper (South Carolina)
Wausau City Pages (Wisconsin)

• A very few of my reviews also appear on Cineman Syndicate, through which they may appear in other papers around the country under the syndicate name.

• Capsule versions of a very few of my reviews also appear in Video Librarian magazine (and on its Web site).

Now, if you happen to see any of my reviews in other publications, chances are that use is not authorized, and I would love to hear about it. (You can reach me by email here.)

And if you happen to be a reader of any of the papers I mentioned, and you’d like to help a gal out, it would be fantastic if you wrote a letter to that paper to let them know that you know they’ve got a kick-ass critic (or a lousy critic, or however you’d care to characterize my work) writing for them. Publications always love to hear from their readers, and if these papers are like every other publication I’ve ever worked for, as a staffer or a freelancer, they’re probably desperate for letters and you’ll have an excellent chance of your letter getting published.

As I told Chuck, I really appreciate the concern of my readers, and that you’re looking out for my best interests. Letting a paper that is legitimately running my reviews know that you like my stuff — or even just that you notice my stuff — would be a great way to do that.

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Mon, Jan 29, 2007 2:55pm

You should link to that old post where you discussed that one guy who 100% plagiarized your review(s) and passed them off as his own.

Mon, Jan 29, 2007 4:46pm

That’s how I found your blog in the first place. It was linked from The Raving Atheist. I thought your response was rather snarky and quite good. Been a reader ever since!