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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: like somethin’ outta an old movie

Oh man do I love this movie, and I’m like the only person who’s ever seen it. From my review of Welcome to Collinwood:

These Russo guys, they know what they’re doin’ all right. They threw all these people in here and made ’em hopeless and a little insane but not too insane, you know, like you can understand why they’re insane. Stuck in the 1970s and all, with those awful clothes. But it’s also kinda not the 70s, like it could be today and they’re all forced to wear Goodwill cuz they’re so poor, or it could be the 30s, almost, with that feel a the Depression when people were crazy desperate and did crazy desperate things in movies cuz everyone was so poor and yet they were still good people who were just trying to do okay for themselves. So even though you laugh about their predicament and how stupid they are for thinkin’ they’re smart enough to do a job, ya also almost wanna cry for them for how they’re just achin’ for a normal life, like one with your wife’s not in prison for a year just cuz you couldn’t pay a stinkin’ measly little fine for what she did. That ain’t right.

review of Welcome to Collinwood, posted 10.04.02

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