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10 years of Flick Filosopher: Michael Moore exhausts me

No wonder I’m exhausted: we’ve been living in a world in which everyone has been raging and at one another’s throats for the last four and a half years. From my review of Bowling for Columbine:

Bowling for Columbine, as exhausting as it is entertaining, is the most significant American film I’ve seen in ages, perhaps the only important one this year, angrily, forcefully demonstrating that social criticism is still alive someplace other than on the Internet and that at least one American has the balls to speak his mind.

review of Bowling for Columbine, posted 10.11.02

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  • This is either a mistake or a very subtle commentary that’s going over my head: For some reason, the links are not to Bowling for Columbine but rather to Bubble Boy. How the- whosiwhasits?

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