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10 years of Flick Filosopher: the original screwball comedy, which I screwed up

Boy, I look back at these reviews of Oscar Best Pictures I did in 1999, very early in my reviewing career, and many of them simply aren’t very good. Like this one. From my review of It Happened One Night, the Best Picture winner from 1934:

Casual film fans who know Clark Gable only as the mysterious rogue Rhett Butler will be delighted and surprised by his other side: Gable was a brilliant comic actor, as Frank Capra’s It Happened One Night amply demonstrates.

It gets much worse.

review of It Happened One Night, posted 01.17.99

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  • Yeah, I think I’d describe that review as “generic.” It didn’t have your unique style- it could have been written by anyone. Still, I’m impressed that you choose to highlight mistakes.

  • Personally, I didn’t think that review was that bad, although I suppose to a hardcore movie buff, it does seem kinda funny. Almost as if you had wrote, “You know that Frank Sinatra who sings the ‘Married, with Children’ theme? He actually sings more songs than that, and he’s actually pretty good. Almost as good as that Kurt Cobain or Eddie Vedder.”

    But, hey, even the best writers don’t hit ’em out of the park every time. And at least you got practice…

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