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10 years of Flick Filosopher: the skinny on “plus-size” models

It’s a little documentary that too few people saw, and more should. From my review of Curve:

Gentlemen: Imagine being told that the type of body you were dealt in the shuffle of the genetic cards is unfashionable. Imagine opening a magazine to learn that washboard abs are so last year, and that this season, you’d better have broad shoulders if you’ve any hope of being stylish. Pretty absurd, huh? Yet this is the kind of thing women face all our lives. We can ignore the unrealistic ideal of the female body our pop culture presents to us, laugh at its ridiculous inattainability, dismiss it as ludicrous. But for many of us — no matter how self-confident we are, no matter how sexy we feel, no matter how attractive someone else tells us we are — there’s always a niggling little voice in the backs of our heads telling us we just don’t measure up if we’re more than a size 2.

review of Curve, posted 11.20.02

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