Billy & Mandy’s Big Boogey Adventure (review)

“Full-length movie. Full of boogers!” promises the blobby green sticker on the DVD. And it’s true. But somehow, the tons of gross-out potty humor manages to be delightfully goofy — perhaps it’s the irresistibly cheerful spin cartoonist Maxwell Atoms puts on his demented twisting of kiddie cartoons. Billy and Mandy are regular suburban kids — he’s an idiot, she’s real snide and sarcastic — and their best friend is the Grim Reaper, because don’t all kids befriend the Bringer of Death? Their half-hour adventures are typically cablecast on Cartoon Network (the show’s early-evening timeslot puts it somewhere between pure kiddie stuff and the network’s ultrasubversive late-night Adult Swim entries), but this here’s a full-length movie adventure, straight from its cable debut to DVD. There’s monster pirates, evil artifacts, scary robots from the future, and a journey through the underworld. Good times. [buy at Amazon]

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