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‘Cat & Mouse’ lands on the Web

So you may have noticed the flurry of activity here this morning: it’s my unproduced screenplay Cat & Mouse cut up across 11 posts. It begins here. Commenting is turned off for all posts except the last, to keep any discussion in one place and at the end, where, presumably, no one will be bothered about spoilers cuz commenters and lurkers will have read the whole thing.

I’ve been holding off posting this script online for a while for reasons that will probably become obvious as you read. But I’ve pretty much given up on this one ever getting optioned or selling outright, so I figured it might as well entertain you all. I hope it does. (I was also prompted by an article about screenplays that I’ll post about a little later today.)

Fair warning: Cat & Mouse would definitely be rated R for language and disturbing thematic elements. Hell, it disturbs me that some of this stuff came out of my head.
(FYI, my far more pleasant romantic dramedy Bronx Cheer has been available online for years as a downloadable PDF. Let me know if you’d prefer to read it in a series of posts as I’ve done with C&M, and I’ll take it under advisement.)

A few notes on “casting.” I wrote the part of the protagonist, The Agent, specifically with Loren Dean in mind, cuz I think he’s immensely talented but hardly ever used to his best advantage, and because there are some intriguing and unique qualities to his screen presence that I’m not sure any other actor has (which I’ll talk more about in comments after the script, if anyone’s interested) and that I wanted to see if I could play up. (And I’m delighted to see that after five years of too little work, it looks like he’s back.)

John Cusack or Edward Norton would also be perfect as The Agent.

The other major character, The Journalist, I did not have anyone particular in mind for, but actors I’ve long thought would be great in the role include Josh Lucas or Christian Slater. And oooo, it just occured to me that my current boyfriend, Connor Trinneer, would be fantastic too.


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