Inside the Actors Studio: Johnny Depp (review)

If you don’t want to strangle the insufferably smug James Lipton by the time his interview with Johnny Depp is over, well, put that down to Depp, whose intense thoughtfulness and obvious humility in the face of his own phenomenal talent and extraordinary success make this almost worth a look. Prompted by Lipton’s questions, which pretend to profundity but are really surprisingly fanboyish, Depp discusses his discomfort with his longtime standing as a teen idol, his affinity for funny hats, what it’s like to work with Tim Burton, and much more, but none of it is surprising, unless you’re genuinely fascinated by such tidbits as “Depp’s two-year-old daughter won’t let him cut his hair.” It’s all just one more illustration of the warning against asking even the most intriguing artists about their work: the answers aren’t anywhere near as interesting as the work itself. Special features include a new introduction by Lipton and moments cut from the version that aired on the original Bravo cablecast. [buy at Amazon]

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