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my charming readers

UPDATED: Somehow, the wonderful comments (see below) are making me think of this:

I got the most delightful email from a reader in response to my post about Transformers and how I’m guessing I might not hate it like I typically hate Michael Bay’s movies.

Since this reader chose not to post this in comments for some reason, I will preserve his/her anonymity:

You are so fucking dumb, get your facts straight before talking shit about something like Transformers movie.

The movie will own regardless of Bay’s involvement, Bay is good at action.
I don’t like all his movies but he can do very good action. As for the story, the man (Bay) didn’t write the damn script. Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and John Rogers were the ones who wrote the script just for your fucking information.
the Transformers aren’t plain robots, they are ADVANCED ALIEN robots with actual personalities
and emotions in the new movie. They are not made by humans, how do I know??? Because I am a fucking fan of Transformers and have been for pretty close to some 20 years.
It is funny how you insult the names they have, what do you fucking expect since they are from a different planet you silly Woman. Do you know how dumb it would sound for a Transformers to have a human name like Mike???


Geez, indeed. And when I responded with one word — “charming” — I received this response:

If you didn’t take cheap shots at my favorite fictional characters I wouldn’t have been so pissed off at you in the first place. Wait to go to not get hate mail directed to you. YOU FAIL,

And people say geeks aren’t socialized.

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