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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: geeks save the world (again)

I am always a particular sucker for a movie that gets geeks right, that doesn’t demonize science, that revels in its own B-movieness. From my review of The Core:

Yeah and yee-ha! but this is good old-fashioned pulpy, popcorny B-movie fun only with real science and no giant radioactive mutant anythings, so maybe it’s not B-movie stuff at all. I mean, sure, it’s got all the classic elements (except giant radioactive mutant anythings). Like the dorky scientist who knows the secret of how the world’s about to end and how to save it and who’s really cute like no professor you ever saw and certainly did not have in school. Like the evil military type who’s never out of uniform and always near a red phone and knows something supersecret about why the world might be ending, since you asked and don’t you know there’s a cold war on. (Which is hilarious, actually, because there isn’t a cold war on and you can’t help but wonder who they’re talking about when they say “The Enemy”: Canada? Mars? Cuz it’s not like there’s anyone around to have a cold war with anymore…)

review of The Core, posted 03.28.03

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