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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: it’s all J.K. Rowling’s fault

These kids today, with their books and their reading and whatnot. From my review of Holes:

I’d never even heard of this book Holes, and here’s one 10-year-old acquaintance of mine excited about the prospect of a film version and jealous that I’d get to see the movie days in advance of its opening. Here’s kids at the screening applauding in anticipation when the lights go down. These kids today, with their reading and their books… geez. While all my contemporaries are gonna be next door at the multiplex watching that Dude, Where’s My Car dude and Chow Yun-Fat beating the kung-fu crap out of Nazis — not that there’s anything wrong with that, and hey, it’s based on a comic book, and comic books have words in them — every cool 8- to 12-year-old will be watching an adaptation of a book they love so much that they can cheer just before all the cheerable moments onscreen, because they’ve got the story memorized.

review of Holes, posted 04.18.03

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