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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: Mandy Moore, like oh my god

Like oh. my. god. Mandy Moore movies are so totally awesome. From my review of Chasing Liberty:

Okay, so, like, what’s so totally amazing about Chasing Liberty is that it’s, like, real. It’s almost like the guys who made it — isn’t it amazing that it’s guys? It’s like they’re totally in my head or reading my diary or something! It’s like those guys are really talking to me and Tiffany and real girls who know how important it is to have the right boyfriend and the right clothes if you want to be popular. And they also know that real girls never have any privacy or freedom, like when Mom picks me and Tiffany up at the mall she always wants to know about everyone we hung out with and about everything that we bought! It’s like she thinks that just because she let us use her credit cards and dropped us off and picked us up she has the right to get all personal!! It’s like in the Pledge of Allegiance or something about privacy and Mom never respects that.

review of Chasing Liberty, posted 01.12.04

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