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10 years of Flick Filosopher: Michael Bay has issues

My review of Transformers is coming up a little later today, and I will readily admit right here that it’s the first Michael Bay movie I haven’t hated. Usually his movies makes me feel like how Bad Boys II made me feel. From my review:

Of course it’s Michael Bay-ariffic in that adorably ultraviolent, homophobic kinda way, all vehicles exploding for no apparent reason and deeply repressed male emotions, the kind of stuff that can’t help but lead one to the conclusion that Michael Bay is denying that he has some serious issues with, really, just about everything he comes into contact with: women, men, cars, swimming pools, family pets, home electronics.

review of Bad Boys II, posted 07.18.03

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  • All I could think when I left Bad Boys 2 was “But the movie was over… and *then* they invaded another country… how does that happen?”

  • Ken

    Personally, I really like Bad Boys II, although, full disclosure, I saw Hot Fuzz first. Honestly, it’s hard for me to hate something that so unashamedly panders to my worst instincts. It’s certainly better than fun-free shit like Behind Enemy Lines or Miami Vice.

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