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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: whither The Rock?

What happened to The Rock? It seems like he disappeared off the radar, but just a few years ago, it looked like he was gonna be the next big action hero thing. From my review of The Rundown:

You had me at hello, Mr. The Rock. You lost me later, sure, though it’s more the movie itself that lost me, not you yourself per se. But with the knowing twinkle in your eye that starts twinkling knowingly right at the outset and never stops, and the sly grin dazzling with all those supernaturally white teeth and the not-taking-this-too-seriously thing, you had me right then. The vibe works, the big-dumb-lug with smarts, with wit, with an inkling of class, with a surprising lightness and limberness that should be at odds with your imposing physical presence but isn’t. You’ve staked out a place for yourself on the Action Hero Spectrum that hasn’t been occupied in a while, maybe never, a happy medium between the manic insanity of the Bruce Willises and the Mel Gibsons and the leaden earnestness of the Steven Seagals. You’ve even got Arnold “Future President of the United States, and May God Have Mercy on Our Souls” Schwarzenegger metaphorically passing you the big-dumb-lug torch right there at hello, and that’s some funny stuff.

review of The Rundown, posted 09.26.03

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