I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (review)

Can the occasion of overgrown-fratboy goofball Adam Sandler (Reign Over Me) and resolutely vanilla sitcom dad Kevin James (Hitch) in fagface be anything other than an invitation to laugh at icky queery flamboyant homos? Of course it can! Please to laugh at icky queery flamboyant homos so this rejected episode of The Odd Couple can teach you a lesson: that it’s wrong — wrong, we tell you — to laugh at icky queery flamboyant homos. Homos are people too, even if they make you go “Ewwww!” Supermacho New York firemen Sandler — who’s also, in the film’s only stretch for hilarity, and an unintentional one at that, meant to be a hottie calendar pinup — and superdad James, a widower raising two kids on his own, are “forced” into a phony domestic partnership because of bureaucratic nonsense regarding the latter’s city pension. Jokes about gay weddings, gay sex, and male rape ensue — the gratuitous ethnic stereotyping is thrown in for free — until it’s time for The Lesson, when we get lectured by Sandler on how we shouldn’t use the word “faggot,” cuz it’s mean. I’d love to see the version of the script brilliant screenwriters Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor (Sideways and Election) actually wrote, before it was shredded into this schizophrenic garbage.

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