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10 years of Flick Filosopher: presenting the Precious Moments horror movie

I love Gerard Butler, I love Patrick Wilson, and still… From my review of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera:

I mean sure, if you’re trying to avoid upsetting folk at a time in which a large portion of the public would rather sex didn’t exist, that male/female interaction be limited to chaste chaperoned ice-cream socials, then you certainly do not want to go the other route, in which a ravishing and womanly Christine is seriously tempted by a tantalizingly virile Phantom and almost gets actually corrupted before she decides that his tendency toward homicidal mania may be the thing that will ruin the relationship down the road and so turns reluctantly to white-bread Raoul, whom she will regard with some pity as the long years of their dull marriage increasingly make her regret the excitement she gave up. Cuz with a petulant and childish Christine and a Phantom who looks like he wants to break out and be all dangerous and sexy if only the movie would let him and a Raoul who has nothing to recommend him except that he isn’t the Phantom, what you get is a Precious Moments horror movie.

review of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, posted 12.24.04

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  • Katie

    I agree with you completely and I love both the Broadway musical AND the original book (which I separate as two completely different things with the book being “real” and the musical being Broadway). They totally chickened out with this movie, obviously too afraid to offend fans of the musical to actually take any risks and really adapt this as oppose to putting the musical on screen. I was very disappointed.

    PS. Isn’t it great to see Gerard Butler finally getting some well deserved respect?

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