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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

10 years of Flick Filosopher: what women don’t want (movies like this)

If there’s one movie in recent years that makes me think of that Onion headline “Women Now Empowered By Everything Women Do,” it’s the horrendously anti-woman-masquerading-as-feminist nightmare Little Black Book. From my review:

I don’t see any male devils in Little Black Book. I do see a lot of lying, cheating, manipulative women. I do see Holly Hunter as the female personification of Satan, a shrieking harpy of demonic evil who seduces Brittany Murphy into adding corruption and moral depravity to her list of attributes that had been limited to the minor malfeasances of witlessness and inanity. It’s possible it’s intended to be satire, this women-are-devils thing, though it’s hard to tell when the height of droll intellectualism here is dog farts. If it’s satire, then it can get lumped in with the likes of The Stepford Wives, showing women up as cold, idiotic bitches while pretending to celebrate their strength and integrity.

review of Little Black Book, posted 08.04.04

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